Auto Insurance

Driving without insurance isn’t just illegal in most places, it’s a bad risk for you to take in regard to your financial future. Never mind the fact that you may get pulled over and receive a hefty fine, but if you are in a car accident, you face years of catching up financially when you could avoid the entire problem by choosing the best car insurance for your needs.

Whether you are a young adult, a parent with four drivers in the house or a young family with one car, choosing the right insurance is vital to minimize risks and keep your costs low. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to compare car insurance and ensure that you are getting the right coverage for what you pay.

Auto insurance comes in different bundles with different types of coverage and add-ons. At Direct Service Insurance, we make sure that you are getting the best package for your situation.

Home Insurance

Homes can be a relaxation spot, where families are raised, and where memories are made. What’s more, it’s a major investment. It is an absolute necessity to have homeowners insurance to protect your investment, in fact, most mortgage companies require it as a condition to get a home loan. Not all insurance policies are created equal. What are the best coverages to have? That depends. There are many ways that homeowners insurance protects you and your loved ones from loss. Protection of homes and the personal property that is inside is what most people think of as home insurance. Coverage of these two concerns is actually split up into a few specific sections that address different aspects of building and property coverage in detail. The professionals at Direct Service Insurance will explain home insurance options to you over a friendly and detailed conversation.

Renters Insurance

Moving into your first home or apartment is a big step in life; breaking away from the cycle of college roommates and parental basements is important and comes with lots of promising opportunities. Making the most of a rental living arrangement is possible with the help of the right insurance coverage. Many renters are unaware of the risks facing them each day. Without the right protection, a renter could be left with no way to recoup their losses following burst pipes, break-ins, and other problems. Direct Service Insurance provides comprehensive renters insurance policies to our valued clients.

It means a lot to be able to offer this important form of insurance coverage. We have talked with many clients and customers about how much better they feel after opting for a renters policy. Just as homeowners should be protected with a homeowner’s insurance policy, renters should have their own insurance program working on their behalf.

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