If you own or manage a business, it’s important to have an understanding of commercial auto insurance. Many people wonder what is commercial auto insurance used for? Unlike your personal auto insurance, a commercial insurance plan is designed to address your business assets. An auto insurance plan focuses on your company’s cars, trucks or other types of vehicles. It may also cover vehicles you and your staff rent, lease or borrow. Having a complete insurance policy can help you keep your business assets protected in case of disaster or a mishap. It may also be a requirement in your state to carry an auto insurance policy for any vehicles your business owns or uses. Here are some things to know about auto insurance for your business.

Protect Your Fleet or Assets

Many businesses have a fleet of vehicles that are kept in a large lot at the company’s physical location. A commercial auto plan can help you protect your fleet. A large fleet of vehicles may be more at risk of being damaged. With a complete plan of auto insurance coverage, you can recoup your losses if the unthinkable happens. Or, if you only own a small number of vehicles, you can get more peace of mind with a comprehensive business auto insurance plan. This way, you and your workers can focus more on building your business instead of picking up the pieces if disaster happens and your business is unprepared.

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