Many homeowners do not purchase flood insurance, though it can be bundled easily into an existing homeowner’s insurance policy, as can earthquake insurance. Coastal properties are properties that may need specialized coverages such as flood, tsunami and landslide.

We can find disaster coverage for nearly any homeowner. It is a myth that only new construction homes with no valuable contents can get earthquake or flood insurance. More than 90 percent of homes in the United States will qualify for earthquake insurance. Direct Service Insurance agents know how to assess our customers’ unique needs and find the best policy that suits those needs.

We also offer earthquake coverage and flood insurance to community associations, as well.

Your home is one of your important assets. Do not wait until a natural disaster strikes before you realize you need to protect your home and its contents. It might be too late by then. Call an agent at Direct Service Insurance today to set up an appointment and find out the best way to protect your home with earthquake and flood insurance.

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