Are you planning a trip to Mexico?

It’s important to have the proper insurance coverage when traveling to Mexico. Simply put, your US insurance is not recognized in Mexico. With our MexiPass Insurance coverage you can travel knowing you are protected. Auto insurance standards are different outside of the United States. With our trusted partner “MexiPass” you have Mexican Insurance, so you can travel with peace of mind and stay protected! DSI Insurance can help you plan for your next trip south of the border. Contact us for more information on MexiPass Insurance coverage.

MexiPass Insurance Features

  • Policies from “A” rated companies to fit your travel budget
  • Coverage from one day up to one year, including 6 month policies
  • Liability limits available from $100,000 to $1,000,000
  • Full coverage for vehicle theft, collision, and vandalism
  • All claims are settled in U.S. dollars, with allowance for repairs in Mexico or the United States

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